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It’s 358 km up the Transtaïga Road, in the beautiful Nordic region of Eeyou Istchee Baie-James, that worldwide outdoors enthusiasts meet all year round to get away and live unforgettable adventures. 

Imagine endless bodies of water, vast inhabited spaces and a sky filled with stars where we can admire stunning northern light displays…

Come and live a unique experience at Mirage Adventure; the top destination in the Great Northern Quebec!

Hunters, anglers, snowmobilers and trekkers will discover magnificent spaces to escape and live in perfect harmony with nature, while enjoying the modern comfort offered by Mirage Adventure.

A bit of history…

It’s in 1967 that Mirage Adventure’s (or Mirage Outfitter) story begins…

The construction of the small lodge, then called Figaro, took place on the La Grande River banks. The site was originally too difficult to access and in 1994 it was moved beside the Polaris Bridge. The location, carefully chosen, offers stunning landscapes that will surely take your breath away.

Initially opened for the winter caribou hunt, Mirage Outfitter decides in 1997 to build 8 cabins on the edges of the site. Since then, the dynamic team of Mirage Adventure got bigger. We spare no means or efforts to satisfy the needs of our customers.


Accessible all year round, this scenic site is equipped to welcome tourists and adventurers, but also travelers passing through and local workers

In 2003, many improvements were made: spas, sauna and conference room full equipped. Inside the lodge, motel rooms with TV’s and full bathrooms are built to better accommodate its clientele. Also made available to our customers are comfortable basic accommodations, much appreciated by the adventurous ones.

Since 2004, a landing strip (officially recognized), a hydrobase and a heliport have been built for aviation and helicopter enthusiasts as well as for mining companies. Fuel services are available (Jet A, AvGas...)

Mirage Adventure is renowned for the diversities of its activities, the comfort of its accommodations as well as the quality of its staff.

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